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TTS Setting

Upload GCP File Config

To use TTSWP features you need to upload your own GCP license, here a short steps to get it:

  • Go to the Google Cloud home page.
  • Click on the New Project on the top left corner or select project if you already have then click New Project after popup, then insert your project name.

After that, search for Text to Speech keyword, and select Cloud Text to Speech API from the “Marketplace” list.

Enable Cloud Text to Speech API for current project.

  • Create new credentials by go to API & Services -> Credentials.
  • Inside the page, click on Create Credentials and select Service account.

Fill all required informations needed on the this page, you can skip the “Optional”

After done, new Service account will be created under Credentials page, click on the Service account that you created before.

Go to Keys tab and click Add Key, then select Create new key.

Select JSON as key type. Click Create, it will automatically downloaded. Save it on your local drive to use it later on the TTSWP setting.

After you have the GCP key file, you need to go to WP Admin Dashboard > Theme Setting > TTS Setting.

Under “Upload GCP File Config” option, you need to upload your own key that has been downloaded before.

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