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Create a Team Showcase

We have a complete editor to create Your team showcase. In the screenshot below, we will tell you all of the function :

  1. Title

The title of the post. This field will use when You select which Team Showcase You want to show when calling it from Elementor, Gutenberg, or Shortcode.

  1. Content / Customize

the content tab contains an editor to fill in the content, whether it’s a text or a team photo while customizing is the color setting you need on your team’s front view.

  1. Select Style

Team Awesome has multiple style templates you can choose

  1. Select column

choose the column you need but remember there are only a few styles that use this option. Only Style 1, Style 4, Style 7.

  1. Team item

You can add your team member here

  1. Team name

The name of your team member

  1. Team Job

Fill the position or job of your team member.

  1. Biography Team

fill in with the biographies of your team members.

  1. Team description

fill in the stories of your team members.

  1. Featured image

upload your team photo

11. Optional
input your social media teammates

12. Publish The Team Showcase

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