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Post Type – Video


Video post type allow you to make a grid video list in “Video page template” then after click the thumbnail the video will show as light box.

Step by step :
1. Fill the title.
2. Fill the Video Post Options.

In this post type, you’re able to choice how to insert a video. There are 3 type options that you can choose. Youtube link, Vimeo link, and then upload a local video from your computer.

At the bottom of Video Post Option, you will find “Featured Video” check box. If you check the box then your video will show at the home page as featured video. Only one post can show even you check 3 post.

3. Featured image.

The feature image will set as video thumbnail in both of home page and video page template. After clicking the video will show as light box.

result at home page ( featured video checked )
result at page template video
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