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Page Template – Contact

Contact template will let you add google maps, also inserted contact form template to the page. You can copy the template in admin panel > contact > contact form.

Content HTML Markup

Feel free to call us directly or simply complete our form and we will follow up with you.
<div class="visit-us">
<div class="contact-icon"></div>
<div class="contact-content">
<h3>Visit us</h3>
Boulevard des Capucines
356, Coffee Street
Paris, France
<div class="contact-us">
<div class="contact-icon"></div>
<div class="contact-content">
<h3>Contact us</h3>

Contact Form HTML Markup

[text* name id:name placeholder "Name"]
[email* email id:email placeholder "Email"]
[text subject id:subject placeholder "Subject"]
[textarea message id:message placeholder "Message"]
[submit class:submit class:button-normal class:green "Send"]


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