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Admin Fast Guide how to set my sakolawp

1. Main setting

First you need to do the main settings to use Sakola wp on the admin panel sakolawp>dashboard

here you will make arrangements such as the name of the school, current year, and semester

Set Sakolawp more optimally you need to enter several teacher accounts, why? because in other settings you will need a teacher account such as section and subject. 

2. Add User/Account

just like wordpress, how to add user is on the user > add new 

but if you want to add via import you can read the article here “How to insert users via import” 

3. manage Class and Section

after you do the main settings and add a user. Now you can add classes and section. A section will need a class and a section will need a teacher to make her a homeroom teacher.

4. Manage Subject

Adding a subject will require a teacher, this is why you need to create a teacher account

5. Assign Student

if you have not added students, please add students or you can via import. After that, you assign students to the classes and sections that you created earlier.

6. Set page

Finally, you only need to add the default Sakolawp page, including the register pagemy account page, and login or you can see add page via shortcodes but we recommendation use elementor

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