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Home Template

Home template is same like about template, it’s have own meta-box blocks.

Slider Block

Slider is repeater so you can add many slider there.

Feature Block

Feature block is also repeater. This block allow you to set icon with Font Awesome icon or gapura font icon. Assign the animation and time delay for each items.

Facilities Block

Add single image to this section as background and then describe the image with HTML in the right side with transparent background. You also can add a facilites feature text at the bottom of description, that is repeater.

Mortgage Block

This block require Calculated Field Form to work. Create your own foeld in Setting > Calculated Field Form then paste the template ID into the form in single room post. You also can add a video embed.

You can use Lease Calculation for calculated property and loan price. This form default from Calculated Field Form Plugin.

Make all field as large field.

Then Remove the page break from Lease Form.

Then paste the form shortcode into Calculator Form.

Gallery Block

Call your room post type as a gallery image with this block. You can set how much item display in the page.

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